Trump: The Art of the Insult DVD Cover

Trump: The Art of the Insult

From The Art of the Deal to The Art of the Insult

Trump emerged in 2016 as an unstoppable political phenomenon who transformed the Presidential race into the greatest show on earth. Trump: The Art of the Insult tells the story of Donald Trump’s improbable journey from Trump Tower to rallies across America to the debate stage, where he reveled in mocking and taunting rivals with targeted insults and nicknames, leaving them gasping for air. Not only did he push frontrunner Jeb Bush out of the Presidential race early on, Trump proved him wrong when Bush lectured during a debate "Donald, you can't insult your way to the Presidency."

  • "Now I understand how Trump won the Presidency — most entertaining political film ever!"
  • "The Art of the Insult provides an entertaining insight into the genius of Trump and why he won."

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